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 ♥ How do you wash faux fur? ♥

Always try spot washing first! Using a damp cloth gently rub the area clean. You can also hand wash the fur in cold water using a small amount of mild detergent and hang to dry. If machine washing is necessary, follow these steps:

♥ Machine wash in a cold/delicate cycle. (Mild detergent is fine but NO bleach!)

♥ Hang to dry. (Never dry with heat - the fibers are synthetic and will melt. Also avoid the sun! Repeated drying in the sun will fade the colors in the fur.)

♥ For 3" Mongolian fur:  Comb the fur while slightly damp.  Use a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom and working to the top. Do not brush this fur!

♥ For 2" shag fur: Comb the fur when dry using a wide tooth comb.

♥ *Do not use a regular comb (non wide tooth) or a dog "slicker" brush as these options will both destroy the integrity of the fibers which changes the texture causing the fur to have a different look and feel.

♥ When combing be sure to pull gently as to avoid pulling fibers out of the backing. 

♥ When dry you can fluff the fur by shaking it.

 **For tips on working with faux fur, please go here.




♥ What size cuts do you offer? ♥

Fur square sizes diagram

Faux fur craft squares available in the following sizes:  6x6", 12x12", 20x20", and 18x24". 

*Fur is also available by the yard and by the half yard (not shown in diagram).  1/2 yd = 18x57", 1 yd = 36x57".



♥ What is the difference between craft squares and yardage? ♥

Craft squares are smaller pieces of fur that have been cut to size - these pieces are professionally trimmed so that there are no factory edges.  The fur is cut with precision so that the ends are not damaged (chopped off).  

Yardage and half yards are larger pieces that have not had the factory edges trimmed off.  The fur is cut to size with precision so that the ends of the fur are not damaged. The factory edges are left in tact so you have the full width of the fabric to work with.

Fur square sizes compared to yardage

♥ Can I request a custom sized cut of fabric? ♥

Yes! Just send us a message with what you need. :)  *Custom cuts are subject to additional charges as well as shipping charges over 16oz. (1/2 yd.)



♥ I ordered two or more squares but I only received one, help! ♥

Please check the measurements of the piece you received. Quantities of two or more are typically cut as one continuous piece. :) All of your fur is there!

*If you need individual pieces just let us know!



♥ What's the difference between the shag 2" fur and the Mongolian 3" fur? ♥

The luxury shag 2" pile fur is very smooth, glossy, and plush in appearance with the length of the fur ranging from about 1.75"-2.25".

The Mongolian 3" pile fur is longer and shaggier in appearance with a bit of a wavy texture. This fur is manufactured to have this look- it is not a defect! It is silky and has somewhat of a glossy look to it.

Both varieties feature a soft knit backing and are great for all kinds of crafting, sewing, and upholstery projects. You can sew it, hot glue it, staple it, etc. All of the fur offered in this shop is of the absolute highest quality and has been hand picked specifically for our customers. :)



♥ Is it normal for the fur to shed? ♥

Yes! Faux fur fibers are woven into the backing. When faux fur is cut, it will always shed. While we do our best to de-fuzz pieces of fur prior to shipping, some additional shedding is completely normal and expected. Give the fur a good shake by holding the piece in the middle and shaking it- do so outdoors or in an area where you won't mind the flying fur! Then go around the edges lightly pulling at the fur to get rid of any additional loose fibers.

*Note: Avoid pulling too hard, you do not want to pull the fibers from the backing if they are not already loose.



♥ Why do some items say they will ship in 1-2 days while other items say 3-4 days or 4-5 days or longer? ♥

If an item is in stock it will ship in 1-2 days, sometimes 3 (check the listing prior to ordering).

If stock is running low on a particular fur but more is arriving soon, the shipping time will be set according to the arrival date of the fur shipment.

New fur shipments are received regularly and the wait time rarely extends past 5 days. Although, occasionally there are material delays due to manufacturing or shipping. In those cases, the wait time on an item may say 2-3 weeks or longer- depending on when the shipment is scheduled to arrive.

Be sure to check each individual listing to see when a particular item will be ready to ship! :) 



♥ Do you ship Internationally? ♥

** November 2020: Please note that due to the current global health crisis, International shipping has been disabled for all locations other than Canada. **

Yes. However, International shipping fees vary depending on the destination. As such, most International orders will require a custom order- which is why each listing specifically asks that International customers send a message regarding shipping costs prior to ordering. Should an order be placed without paying adequate shipping costs, an invoice will be sent for the remaining amount owed. (Invoices will be sent after fur is packaged and weighed - this is because the total cost depends on the size and weight of the package.)  International orders will not be shipped until the additional invoice has been paid.

*International customers- Please send a message prior to ordering. Provide your address and the type & amount of fur that you will be ordering so that a shipping quote can be provided. A custom listing will be created for your upon your approval of the shipping quote.

*Please note - International customers may be subject to additional fees/taxes/duties for imported goods. Customers are responsible for all import duties and taxes. (Faux Fur Boutique is not responsible for these charges.)

♥ What about refund or exchanges? ♥

All sales are final; however, your satisfaction is our goal! :) If, upon receiving your products, you have any questions or concerns, send us an email and we will work together to find a solution.

** March 26, 2020: Please note that due to the current global health crisis, We are not able to accept exchanges or returns. Thank you for being understanding. **

Is there a problem with your order? Please send a photo of your package, the package contents (unroll the fur- include photos of front and back), and the receipt included with your package. Make sure photos are clear and well lit. Send photos to (If you ordered via Etsy, please message us via Etsy messaging.)

* No returns unless an item has arrived damaged or defective.

* Buyer pays all return shipping for any exchange granted.

* Any refund granted will be minus the original cost of shipping that was paid to send the order. (This includes packages that had free shipping- the cost is built into the price and we do not get that money back therefore we are unable to refund that portion of the purchase. This also includes packages that were refused or that were never picked up and/or returned to sender.)

* Custom or personalized items include yardage (1/2yd, 1yd +) and any custom cuts of fabric or faux fur outside of the sizes offered in my listings (6x6, 12x12, 20x20, 18x24).

**Please note: We are not responsible for postal delays. Once a package has left our hands it is out of our control.**

 Items will not be eligible for a refund if:

  • Item was refused upon delivery.
  • An incorrect address was provided by the customer.
  • Item was returned to sender for any reason other than USPS damaged the package. *This includes postal delays.
  • Items that have been altered, cut, used, washed, dried, or stained in any way.

Incorrect Address and Return to Sender:

  • Packages that are shipped with an incorrect address, which is provided by the customer during the order process, are subject to an additional $18 charge if the address must be changed by the carrier in order for the package to be deliverable. (This is through USPS- not FFB.)
  • Orders ‘Returned to Sender’ by the courier are subject to a $15 charge. This includes but is not limited to: orders in which the customer provided an incomplete or incorrect address, the customer is not available for delivery, the customer fails to provide a P.O. Box or physical address, or the order is refused by the customer.



♥ Questions or concerns about your order? ♥

Please contact us at Messages are checked multiple times a day, every day other than Sunday.
Your satisfaction is our goal! :) If, upon receiving your products, you have any questions or concerns, send us an email and we will work together to find a solution.

*We've done our best to represent colors accurately. However, due to individual monitor settings and capabilities, colors may vary slightly. Each batch of fur may differ as the dying process happens during manufacturing and is not always 100% consistent.*